Control Equipment Class 5 Capability Certification

ASIAL now offers a Certification program for Class 5 Capability of Control Equipment with respect to AS/NZS 2201.1:2007

ASIAL Class 5 Capability Certification List

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Equipment certificates are valid for a nominal period of two years from the date of issue. An undertaking is given that the applicant will maintain compliance throughout this period. Any changes that may have an impact upon this must be notified to ASIAL within 14 days. ASIAL may withdraw and cancel a certificate should it become aware of any non-compliance during the certification period.

This fee is not refundable should certification not be recommended. It covers solely the issue of ASIAL Certification. All liaison and meetings with respect to examination of the system by ASIAL’s appointed independent engineer will be separately invoiced by that assessor. Associated expenses (such as travel costs) are also invoiced separately.

Terms & Conditions
Assessment will be undertaken by an independent assessor as appointed by ASIAL. All certifications are nominally valid for 24 months.
Certificates will be issued on successful completion of the equipment inspection process. A written recommendation will be provided on completion of the inspection.
Any objections to the inspector's report (a copy of which will be provided to the nominated site contact) should be made in writing to ASIAL within 14 days of the date of the report. The adjudication of such objections shall be by committee as appointed from time to time by ASIAL. Any such objections do not negate the period of validity of the report. Notification of ASIAL certified control equipment may be made public from time to time unless the applicant requests otherwise in writing to ASIAL.

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