Safe Workplace Management

ASIAL's Safe Workplace Management System (SWMS) is an web based WHS solution exclusively for ASIAL members.

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The smarter, safer and simpler way to manage WHS

The ASIAL-SWM System aims to help members:

  • Simplify – WHS can be complex and time consuming. ASIAL SWMS is the smarter, safer and easier way to do business.
  • Engage – Includes a mechanism for staff involvement; one of the principles of best practice OHS risk management.
  • Comply – Reduce the risk of non-compliance by being told what to do, when and why via automated email.

This is the smarter, safer and simpler way to manage WHS; tailored to meet the needs of the security industry; one that creates a Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) plan for your company within minutes of signing up and makes it easier for you to meet your compliance obligations.

Once signed up, you have immediate access to a complete online SWM System that:

  • Includes an office account and mobile account, accessible to manpower/electronics security staff in the field;
  • Creates a WHS plan for your business and sends you automated email reminders to help safeguard against breaches;
  • Stores forms, incident reports, photos, licence and insurance details for your business, employees and contractors;
  • Tracks your WHS tasks, performance and risk rating;
  • And much more!

Accessible anywhere and anytime via any internet enabled device, it’s an affordable in-house solution programmed to provide legislative updates specific to your needs, keeping you informed of your obligations and safeguarding against breaches.

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System features

By signing up you also have immediate access to a complete online WHS package that includes but is not limited to:
• WHS documentation, including relevant legislation, codes of practice and news
• WHS policies and procedures manual, in template form for your modification
• Incident and injury report forms, that can be sent straight to the insurer
• List of tasks due to be completed, and the associated automated email reminders
• Workplace inspection forms
• Safe Work Method Statements
• Hazardous substances register
• Training register and plan
You even have access to free support – if you need it!
The system has been tried, tested and proven to save time, mitigate risk and reduce Workers’ Compensation claims. However, should you need to engage in high level injury management reporting or the calculation of lost time injury frequency rates, it can support that too.

System benefits

Tailored to your industry and your business, ASIAL-SWM provides opportunities for continuous improvement and positive outcomes through a proactive and consistent approach to WHS.

• Improve time and cost effectiveness
• Keep comprehensive, up-to-date, online records
• Forget the messy paper trail
• Improve WHS performance and risk management
• Increase staff awareness and engagement
• Improve safety culture among employees
• Reduce injuries and injury related costs
• Reduce Workers’ Compensation claims
• Foster productive working relationships
• Strengthen staff retention
• Increase organisational capacity
• Enhance business reputation
• Improve business opportunities
• Foster long term business efficiency

System requirements

The concept behind ASIAL-SWM is to keep things simple and make WHS easy for members. As such, there are only two key system requirements:
• ASIAL Membership – ASIAL-SWM is available to members only. If you are not a member, but wish to become one, you can join here
• Internet connection – ASIAL-SWM is accessible anytime, anywhere, via any internet enabled device.

Available only to ASIAL members, the annual fee for the system is $275 (GST incl) per market segment (Electronics or Manpower) per office location.

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