Cabler training

Additional training requirements after 1 July 2014

After 1 July 2014 the ACMA's rules changed for Structured, Co-axial and Optical Fibre specialised cabling:

  • All Open registered cablers doing these types of specialised/advanced cabling must have acquired the appropriate specialist competencies, also known as Endorsements,
  • All Restricted registered cablers intending to work on Broadband installations must have acquired the relevant Restricted Broadband specialist competency.

Important links and information

nbn training program

nbn is driving a significant skill-based training program in the Australian telecommunications industry, aiming to create an industry-based, sustainable, and multi-technology capable workforce in cooperation with delivery partners. To build, operate and maintain the nbn™ network, it is estimated the skilled workforce available to delivery partners may need to increase by more than 4,500 roles – almost doubling the current external workforce actively engaged on the nbn™ project. Find out more >

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