Complaints and dispute resolution

ASIAL Complaint and Dispute Resolution Policy

ASIAL is committed to transparency and accountability in ensuring its members provide a quality service to the Australian community. The Association welcomes feedback so that its members may improve the quality of their performance.

ASIAL’s Complaint and Dispute Resolution Policy applies to all members. It is based on Australian Standard 4269 and promotes efficient, fair and accessible mechanisms for resolving customer complaints.

The service can be activated when a complaint by a customer against an ASIAL member remains unresolved.

Summary of ASIAL Complaints & Dispute Resolution Process Overview




Do you have a complaint against an ASIAL member?

You can check whether the company you would like to lodge a complaint against is an ASIAL member by clicking here (Full Corporate Members only).

If you are not sure how to search for the company or it is simply not coming up on the online search please call 1300 127 425.

Formally write directly to the ASIAL member with your complaint.

A letter template is available on the ASIAL web site to assist you with this process: click here.


The complaint you have lodged against an ASIAL member has not been addressed and you would like to access the ASIAL complaint process?

Complete and submit the online ASIAL complaints form - to access the form please scroll below.


ASIAL investigates the complaint.

ASIAL appoints an investigation officer. All parties are communicated with and the information is reviewed. The investigating officer attempts to mediate an outcome.



The result of the ASIAL investigation will be communicated to all parties. Whatever the outcome, the result of the ASIAL investigation does not remove the right of any individual to pursue the matter through other avenues.

Complaint and dispute resolution request form

Complainant Details

Details of the subject of the complaint


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