Note for Grading Applications

Apply for grading of your Monitoring Centre to Australian Standard 2201.2-2004.

The fee includes the initial inspection, preparation of the consequent report and issue of certificate (if achieved). Associated expenses (such as travel costs) are invoiced separately after the inspection. Any re-inspections are subject to additional costs, which will be discussed on a case-by-case basis at the time of making such arrangements. ASIAL members receive a discounted rate. All prices include GST.

Terms & Conditions

Assessment will be undertaken by an independent assessor as appointed by ASIAL. All gradings are nominally valid for 24 months. Renewals lodged after expiry of the 24 month grading will require a new application.

Certificates will be issued on successful completion of grading: these must be displayed in a prominent position in the building containing the monitoring centre, readily available for viewing upon reasonable request by clients or others.

A written report will be provided on completion of the inspection. Any deficiencies must be corrected within three months of the inspection, with validation as required by the inspector. Any major deficiencies shall require re-inspection.

Any objections to the inspector's report (a copy of which will be provided to the nominated site contact) should be made in writing to ASIAL within 14 days of the date of the report. The adjudication of such objections shall be by committee as appointed from time to time by ASIAL. Any such objections do not negate the period of validity of the report. Notification of ASIAL certified monitoring centres may be made public from time to time unless the applicant requests otherwise in writing to ASIAL.

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